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Successful case -- Czech agent

Successful case -- Czech agent

December 27,2018

In September 2014, the customer found us through Alibaba. He learned that we were

selling the Ringtab bottle cap, and heasked us for some samples. After testing, the

customer was very satisfied with the caps and made the first order. He did a lot of

publicity, including building websites, car advertisements, filling their own products with our caps, etc.,

He is full of confidence in the Ringtab bottle cap.

In June 2016, our dear friends David and Aneta came to Dalian to visit our company.

During the meeting, we deepened our trust to each other and cooperation. We gave

them the exclusive rights in the Czech Republic.

In September 2017, our company participated in the DrinkTec exhibition in Germany.

The Czech agent helped us prepare 1200 bottles of beverage, which used the RingTab

bottle cap. With their help our Ringtab bottle cap won lots of attention at this


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