Cases of Classical Industrial products and designs

Not every hot-sale product or design can be recognized as classical, only those true revolutionists who dare to break the tradition and build the new paragon in their own field can leave their name in the history. It could be the innovation in technology and functions or an amazing design outstanding at the time.

      The Volkswagen Beetle was designed by Ferdinand Porsche known as the creator of Porsche, the first Beetle born in 1938. As one of the most successful automobile designs in the world, Beetle adopt the artistic streamline bodywork, before the Beetle, most of the cars on the street still using the straight line design to built their bodywork, they were looking like this


     This streamline design was not just shocking in it's prety looking,it also can reduce the air friction in high speed, it was an look-ahead idea at that time. And this great design was perfectlly inherited in the following model until now.

On 17th Feb 1972, 15007034 beetles were produced, which make the beetle became the most slaes car in the world at the moment, and In the 1999 Car of the Century competition, to determine the world's most influential car in the 20th century, the Beetle came fourth, after the Ford Model T, the Mini and the Citroen DS.

Coca Cola arc-shaped glass bottle

As a civilized people living in a modern world, you must be familiar with the Coca Cola glass bottle.

This handy and beautiful shape was illuminated by womens body. The impressive design of the bottle was spreaded so extensive that the cola bottle became the a symbolize of American culture.

At the beginning, Coca Cola using the common glass bottle which make no different with other drinks or beer

However, the successful of Coca Cola drew so many competitor to simulate , they change the labels a little bit and use the same glass bottle to confuse the customers. Facing the mass of counterfeit, Coca Cola make a new requirement for the bottle manufacturer: The design of new Coca Cola bottle have to be unique, , the shape of the bottle are so unparalleled even can be distinguished in the dark by touching. Therefore, in 1915 the arc-shaped glass bottle came to the world as a legend.

Coca Cola doubled its sales in two years by using the new bottle. According to an research in 1949, 99% Americans can recognized Coca Cola just by its packing. Coca Cola became the fourth in 2017 The worlds most valuable brands listed by Forbes , the classics design of the bottle made a great contribution .

Easy open cap ( RingTab Bottle Cap)

Artistic and practical are essential but not only condition of being classical. Additional, an classical design is also a solution of the problems. The Easy open cap ( RingTab Bottle Cap) is just a good simple of solving problems.


Be differ from the traditional crown caps, a special designed pull ring immobilized on the top of the cap, you can open the glass bottle easily by pulling the pull ring.

The innovation of the Easy open cap (RingTab Bottle Cap) perfectly solve the problems of open a beer bottle without an opener. Be similar to the Coca Cola bottle, the special construction and looking of easy open cab (RingTab Bottle Cap) also work for anti-fake and know from the other competitor products.

In the age of advocating concision, this delicacy and elegance design obtained great market reaction since it born,The easy open cap (RingTab Bottle Cap) totally changed peoples acknowledge and enlightened of drinking beer and leading a revolution in the packing industrial.

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easy pull beer cap easy pull beer cap

easy pull cap easy pull beer cap