Anti-fake design in beverage

Every Brand hashis own problems in every different stage. When you

beer cap.pngwere“nobody” you have towork on your publicity, when you pushing your products into the market, you willface magnificent competitor, finally, you reach the top of the field, be knownto all, some cheep copies may drive you crazy!

Trade mark and wrappingare so easy to be imitated no matter how fancy you were, traditional anti-fake tech we using in paper currency will increase your cost observably, also, maynot intuitional for the customers. Anti-fake is a hard work no doubt, but it doesn't means we will compromise to those contemptible copier.You can extinctthem by using RingTab bottle cap.


Be differ from the traditional crown caps, RingTab Bottle Cap, a special processed ring immobilized on the top of the cap which  can be easily distinguished by customers. This unique construction can only be manufactured by specified factory means it's impossible to be copied by the imitation, also RingTab BottleCap can be part of you product feature which make your product outstanding in the competitors.

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easy pull beer cap easy pull beer cap

easy pull cap easy pull beer cap