A Special girl’s marriage notice

Hello everybody, I am a little girl named RingTab, 20 years old, Now I pronouncehere to look for a suitable other half. I was born in a rich family, myproducer is millionaire. I traveled to around 30 countries, such as Germany,Turkey, US, Canada, UK, south Africa, and so on. Many many persons like me, asI can bring the convenience to them.

My requirement about the other half, he must love beeror beverage, no need very rich or very famous, only suitable for me.

The information for the other half, I have 27 teeth,and a ring on my body, so I call RingTab, I like this name very much. If youwant to know about me, pls come to my facebook, the link is www.facebook.com/ringtab

Come to me, RingTab bottle cap is waiting for you, many colors of the body, there will be one color suitable for you.

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