10 ways to open beer without bottle opener

10 ways to open beer without bottle opener


If you want tohave a great party time with your family and friends, drinking beer at home,but you find that there is no bottle opener at home, how awkward it is! Itdoesn't matter, when you don't have any bottle opener on hand, there areactually a lot of little tips to help you open the beer bottle.

1. Key


Hold the head ofthe key with and place it under the cap, then rotate the key up to loosen thecap. Notice, you should rotate the beer bottle while opening the bottle andrepeat the action until the cap is completely dropped.

2. Lighter


First, hold theneck of the beer bottle with one hand, place the lighter between the bottle capand the index finger where you hold the bottle. Then use your other hand to pryfrom the other end of the lighter until the cover is loose.

3. Anotherbottle of beer


In fact, this isthe most widely used method of opening bottles (without a bottle opener), andthe usage rate is beyond our imagination. Although it seems to be an oldmethod, but it does work. You only need to remember a small cockroach: turn thefirst bottle of beer upside down, use the edge of its cap to pry the cap ofanother bottle of beer, and then firmly grip the two bottles of beer to openthe cap.

4. Metal spoon


Just place theedge of the spoon under the beer bottle cap and then force the spoon up untilthe cap opens. Of course, you can also use the other side of the spoon to openthe bottle.

5. Lipstick


This method isalso very easy, plz refer to the method of the lighter (the second method inthis article). In fact, any stick-like object with any weight can be applied.

6. Door frame


First, you needto tilt the beer bottle a little bit to fit the next step. Then, the edge ofthe cap is fastened to the edge of the door frame, and the pressure is appliedat the correct angle to open the cap under the action of the lever.

7. Dining table


Place the capposition on the edge of the table, the position should be stable to catch thebeer bottle, and then use your hand or heavy object to slam the bottle cap, sothat the edge of the cap is forced to rise upwards.

8. Ring


First place yourhand over the bottle cap. The ring needs to be caught at the lower edge of thecap to form a pull ring. Then tilt the bottle at a 45-degree angle, clamp thetop of the cap, and pull the ring up to pull the cap out.

9. Scissors


In fact, we havetwo ways. The first is to open the scissors, place the cap in the middle of thetwo blades, hold them together and apply force to the cap to fall off. Anotherway is to use scissors to cut the metal edge of the cap until it falls.

10. Buy the beerwith Ringtab bottle cap

RingTab bottlecap is a newly published crown cap. The RingTab Bottle Cap has the same sizeand appearance like normal pry-offs crown bottle cap, only add a ring andscotch on the top of the bottle cap. We only need pull the ring and broke thescotch to open the bottle. (check the video here: https://youtu.be/uoOILYFwCEg )



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easy pull beer cap easy pull beer cap

easy pull cap easy pull beer cap