What are the factors that affect the quality of beer foam?

Whatare the factors that affect the quality of beer foam?

Beer foam is an important sensoryindicator of beer, and good foam performance is a significant indicator ofpremium beer. when fresh beer slowly flow into a clean cup, there will be athick layer of foam around the mouth of the cup, usually 1/3 to 1/2 of theheight of the cup, this strange bubble is known as the "flower ofbeer" , giving people a beautiful enjoyment. When the foam rises in thecup, you can smell a fragrance and a refreshing bitterness. Beer foam is adistinguishing mark from other alcoholic beverages and refreshing beverages. Thefoam properties of beer include foaming ability, foam appearance, long-lastingfoam and foam hanging cups.

One important factor whichinfluence the beer foam taste is the seal quality of the beer bottle.

As we know, oxygen is the biggest enemy ofbeer taste, It’s same for beer foam. Besides the filling process, the mostimportant is to store the beer in a good seal bottle. That means we need a goodseal crown cap. Normal crown cap can have a good seal quality but can not beopened easily. Screw cap can be opened easily but do not have good sealquality. But now there is a new cap on the market named RingTab bottle cap. It’sa cap with a ring on the top which can be easily opend. You can check https://youtu.be/uoOILYFwCEg for moredetails. This RingTab bottle cap is a new product on the market, Though thereis a ring and scotch on the top of the RingTab Bottle Cap, it can use the samecapping machine as normal pry-offs crown cap and also pass air pressure test: Max.10bars(normal bottle cap is 8 bar). What’s more, the liner of the RingTabbottle cap origins from France, Grace. Conform to LFGB regulation, Oxygen absorbing. It can stay the beer’staste.

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